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In the beginning there was light - this is how the origins of VIVVRE, under the
leadership of founder Thomas Förtsch, can best be described. Thomas, a
far-sighted entrepreneur, recognized the potential of LED technology in the
field of nutritional supplements. This insight came through a fruitful collaboration with John Rooymans, an experienced expert and pioneer in the LED industry, and his long-time friend.


known for his over 40 patents and worldwide recognition
in LED technology, was key to the creation of Thomas' vision.One

of his revolutionary inventions, the patented process ofspectralpower distribution, uses the mesoptic range of light to
optimize the light spectrum for the needs of plants.This technology
formed the basis for efficient algae cultivation, a project that
particularly fascinated Thomas.


led to the creation of one of the most advanced photo-bioreactors, specialized in the production of high-quality algae such as Fucoxanthin, Euglena, Chorella and Haematococcus pluvialis .
In particular, astaxanthin derived from Haematococcus pluvialis ,a powerful plant antioxidant, caught Thomas' attention and further inspired him.

These discoveries and developments were a turning point for Thomas. His market research in the area of ​​dietary supplements revealed a market
characterized by a few high quality suppliers and many imitators .Determined to break this trend, Thomas met David Ofner, co-founder of Evanium Healthcare, which was focused on developing drug delivery systems for poorly soluble botanicals. He shared Thomas' commitment to quality and innovation.

With this combined expertise and the common goal of revolutionizing the nutritional supplements market through real quality and effectiveness, Thomas laid the foundation for VIVVRE. Driven by the belief that great things should come from the best conditions, VIVVRE strives to enrich the nutritional supplement industry with scientifically based, innovative products that have the highest bioavailability.